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Welcome to the OpenSky Services Landing Page. Below are the services and endpoints available on this host.


A REST search service API that supports solr query syntax

The OSWS search service underlies many of the tools and apps described on this page.

Here is an example request - Click the link to see what a OSWS response looks like.

To learn more, see OSWS API documentation

OSWS Explorer

A graphical interface for interacting with the OSWS API

A query-builder supports construction of complex queries. Queries can be annotated, edited and shared. Search Results provide access to underlying data and indexes, including MODS, foxml, solr, and openSky

To learn more, see OSWS Explorer

Admin Reporting tool

Supports searching and reporting over OpenSky research collections

Another osws service client with a graphical interface, the admin reporting tool has a query-builder tool similar to the Explorer, but oriented toward administrative searching needs and emphasizing collaboration and peer review metadata. The Admin Reporting tool creates formatted citation lists for search results, and downloads lists as Word documents.

Affiliation Helper

A cataloging aid that searches UCAR PeopleDB to find the affiliation of UCAR employees

OpenSky Submission Form

Accepts user uploads to OpenSky repository

Part of OpenSky Website, this tool allows them to upload documents and metadata for inclusion in the repository


Provides formatted bibliographic citations (as HTML) for OpenSky resources

Supports the Admin Reporting tool to include formatted biblioraphic citations in reports

To see a simple response, click here